Hayward S244T Pro Series Top-Mount Sand Filter Review

Hayward s 244t Sand Filter

Hayward S 244T

The Hayward sand filter s244t is one tough filter. Hayward is a brand name you can trust for producing quality pool products and the S244T Pro Series sand filter is no exception. You can expect this filter to last because the material used is a polymeric compound and manufactured with unitized construction. Meaning, the tank and support base are corrosion proof, in addition to being manufactured with unitized construction.

Why should you care? Because being made of polymer, there is nothing to rust and corrode with the overall structure of the tank. It is extremely dependable as long as you maintain it with proper care and backwash regularly. Also, during the winter months be sure to remove the drain cap to allow the water to escape so it won’t freeze and bust the tank. They are strong and tough but they can’t handle being frozen solid.

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Check out the Hayward s244t specs

  • Top mount multi-port valve for easy operation
  • Full rotation of multi-port for easy plumbing
  • Unique 360 degree slotted laterals for balanced backwashing
  • Even water distribution for better filtration
  • All weather corrosion proof tank and base
  • Drain plug for easy winterization
  • For all in-ground pools, spas and water features

My Hayward Pro Series S 244t Review and Summary

I have been installing Hayward equipment and suppliesĀ for the past 25 years and the s 244t sand filter has stood the test of time. If you are looking for a quick and easy filter to install and one that will last for years, you can’t go wrong with this swimming pool filter. ThisĀ is the filter we install on all new construction projects. Sure it uses sand and sand doesn’t filter out the smallest microns, but it will keep your pool clear with the proper water chemistry.

Be sure to circulate the pool pump enough in a day’s time to turn the pool over at least one complete time. You should refer to the s244t manual for the amount of hours needed to filter every gallon of pool water.

If you want to get even better water clarity, you should add a water clarifier to your weekly maintenance schedule. This will help with the tiny particles you see floating in the water late at night when the pool light is on. The clarifier should eliminate this problem.

As you can see I’m a big fan of s 244t top mount sand filter and firmly believe that you will be happy with it as well once you tried it.

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