How to Handle Pool Chemicals Properly

At, we want to educate our customers and visitors with the proper handling and treatment of pool and spa chemicals. HereĀ are some very useful pool tips for handling hazardous pool chemicals. Each point is very important and should be followed to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

danger hazardous pool chemicals sign

  1. Before using any pool product please read and follow all label instructions.
  2. Each chemical should have its own clean measuring cup.
  3. When premixing chemicals with water, never add water to the chemical always chemical to water.
  4. Use a clean bucket when mixing chemicals, one that is not contaminated with other chemicals.
  5. Never mix chemicals together before adding to pool.
  6. Never treat a pool with chemicals when people are swimming.
  7. Add only one chemical at a time and allow sufficient time before adding the next.
  8. Some chlorine products are not compatible when mixed. Never mix brands or types together.
  9. Only use the recommended dosage as per label.
  10. Unlabeled chemicals should never be used.
  11. Handle and store all chemicals as per label instructions.
  12. Keep chemicals in a cool, clean and dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  13. Always keep container closed tightly
  14. Do not use empty containers and expose of properly.
  15. After handling chemicals be sure to wash your hands.
  16. Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children.

For more information on this subject you can visit the CDC on preventing injuries


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