Intex 28661EG/54601EG Krystal Clear Saltwater Filtration System Review

Real Reviews For Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System 54601EG

If you are an above ground pool owner that is tired of dumping expensive chlorine into your pool and feel like there has got to be a better way, then you should look into a salt generator system. We are going to cover in depth the Intex Krystal Clear saltwater filtration system with honest and real consumer reviews for the model 54601EG, 28661EG. This is one of the most popular model’s Intex produces and here’s why…

This system is easy to set up and even easier to maintain your swimming pool water chemistry. After adding the initial salt dosage to your pool, circulate the water like you normally would but leave the salt generator off until the next day, to ensure it is mixed thoroughly. Then turn on the salt system and let it run. It has a built in timer to generate its own chlorine daily, freeing you up from having to add it manually and at a lot cheaper rate.

No more spending money on daily, weekly, monthly chlorine and shock treatment’s. This Intex salt system is so easy to set up to an existing 1 1/2″ plumbing system. If you are going to install this on a 1 1/4″ hose you will need to order Adapter B because it is not included in the box. It is not cost effective for them to include all the adapters for of all types of systems but you won’t have any problems with inch and half plumbing lines.

How Does The Krystal Clear Saltwater System Work?

This Intex saltwater chlorine generator sanitizes the water in two different ways.

1) When pool salt is introduced into the water and it flows over the electrolytic cell covered with titanium, a liquid chlorine is produced. The chlorine naturally kills bacteria and the other contaminants in the water. After it kills the unwanted bacteria it changes back into salt to be recycled all over again. The salt in the pool has a softer effect on your skin and will not leave you dried out like a regular chlorinated pool will.

2) The second part of the Intex saltwater system is the copper ionization capabilities. When water is circulated, the system produces small electrical charged ions. These ions are highly active and an excellent disinfectant that will attack and kill algae a lot quicker than chlorine or any other packaged pool chemicals.

Krystal Clear saltwater system specifications


The Intex saltwater chlorinator specially designed for above ground pools. This system will quickly eliminate bacteria, kill and control algae and oxidize organic materials leaving you with a crystal clear, clean and safe pool to swim in. The pool water will be slightly salty but it is nothing like the salt in the ocean.

The second benefit to this salt system is the built in copper ionizer. Small amounts of cooper in the water is an extremely effective way to get rid of algae and keep it from coming back. The system runs on 110 volts but sends only a small amount of voltage to the copper electrode ,producing the electronically charged ions that are responsible for keeping the pool clear of algae.

Technical Specifications:

  • Runs off 110 volts
  • Built-in GFCI to instantly shut off pump if electrical current comes in contact with water
  • Your pool pump needs to have a flow rate between 700-4000 gph
  • System easily installs into most Intex above ground pump and filter systems
  • Hose attachments included
  • 25’ electrical cord for easy placement
  • Self-cleaning titanium-coated panels
  • Operator can pre-program operating hours
  • System alerts you to problems with operating conditions
  • Locking keypad to ensure previous settings are not changed
  • Easy to read test strips for proper salt adjustments
  • 24 hr built in clock/timer

Package Dimensions: 25 in x 16.9 in x 16.5 in
Package Weight: 22 lbs

Watch a short customer review video for the Intex salt generator designed specifically for above ground pools.

What customers are saying…

“… But for the masses with an above ground pool, even fairly large 21 foot above ground pools (like I have), this is worth it’s weight in GOLD!”

“Keeps pool perfect without having to buy chlorine!”

“worth every penny!”

“Wonderful product!!!!!!!!!”

Click Here to read the full customer reviews


Many people have mentioned about the savings not having to buy anymore chlorine for weekly use or having to shock the pool with excessive amounts of chlorine. This saltwater system for Intex pools will do all of that for you and more. The system is almost maintenance free, you only need to periodically clean the salt cell by using vineger. It’s a very simple process to perform for saving hundreds of dollars a season on chemicals. There are no more burning eyes or feeling all dried out after swimming because the salt leaves your skin smooth. Because the system has a built in copper ionizer you don’t need to buy any more algaecide as well. Many people have reported using very few chemicals compared to using the old way of treating their pools.


There really isn’t any major downside to the Intex 28663eg Krystal clear saltwater system. The main complaint was that the system did not include the Adapter B for the 1 1/4″ plumbing lines. The part is sold separately, so if you order this model be sure to order Adapter B if you have the smaller lines or you will be upset when it comes time to install it. Pools that have 1 1/2 plumbing will be alright.

Some people mentioned they didn’t like having to clean the salt generator but didn’t think it was bad enough to not buy the system because of all the money they were saving and how clean it kept their pool. It is a small price to pay to clean it, don’t you think?

I did read in the installation manual that in some cases this system might interfere with radio or television reception. If this is the case they recommend to relocate any antenna’s, separate the pool equipment from the receiver or plug in the salt system on another outlet that is different from the receiver. I didn’t read one instance where someone was having this issue but it is good to know before hand.

Consumer Ratings

Currently at Amazon the rating is a 3.8 out of 5 stars. This might seem a little low but the reason being, several people only gave it a 1 star because they were upset that it didn’t come with Adapter B for their 1 1/4″ plumbing lines. Most smaller above ground pool systems are the standard 1 1/4″ lines and larger pools need to circulate more water so they need bigger filtration systems with larger plumbing.


We hope you have enjoyed our Intex Krystal clear saltwater system reviews we put together for you. Do we recommend this salt system for above ground pools? We sure do and here’s why… I’m a huge fan of saving money on expensive chemicals such as chlorine and algaecide’s so if I can do that and keep my pool clean and clear I don’t have any problem. Salt systems in general will save you so much time and money and the pools are definitely easier to maintain. No more headaches about worrying if and when your pool is going to clear up or how much more chemicals am I going to have to add to get my pool clear?

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