Intex 56607EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System And Ozone Filter Review

Should You Invest In The Krystal Clear 56607EG Saltwater System With Ozone By Intex?

intex 56607eg krystal clear saltwater system and ozone filter

Krystal Clear Saltwater Ozone System

Why is it that some people can have a sparkling clear pool with really no effort at all and don’t have to spend a small fortune every pool season on expensive chlorine products?

It’s probably because they have a not so secret weapon called a salt generator for their pool. If you are looking for an alternative to using granular chlorine or tablets for treating your above ground swimming pool, then keep reading this Intex 56607EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System And Ozone Filter Review.

Intex Krystal Clear Salt Generator and Ozone Filter How It Works

How Intex system produces chlorine and ozone gas

Intex Krystal Clear saltwater/ozone system treats up to 15,000 gallons

Intex Krystal Clear salt generator ozone Specs

*Economical – This Intex Krystal Clear unit when compared to other salt generator systems is very affordable.When you think about how much money you spend every summer to treat your above ground, this unit can pay for itself in the first year depending on the siae of your pool. Having a salt pool is definitely easier to maintain than without one.

*Convenient – It is really easy to install into your existing circulation system with 1 1/2″ connections. This unit will free you up from having to adjust your chlorine levels continuously because it creates its own chlorine. You just need to determine the amount of run time for your size pool.

Here are a few short blurbs from actual customers and what they are saying about the Krystal Clear salt and ozone generator.

  • “Having a pool just got easier”
  • “more economical that salt water system I had before”
  • “does a good job on my 5000 gal.pool.”
  • “Since using a saltwater system, the pool is always very clear and we really don’t miss having to carry chlorine and not forget to add some every day!”
  • “WOW!!!!! Incredible”
  • “Great machine for a great price!”

To read the full reviews CLICK HERE

Let’s take a look at what they liked and disliked the most about this system.

Positive Reviews

Most comment’s were expressing the joy of how much easier it was to maintain a crystal clear pool and not having to buy more chlorine every time they ran out. They also liked it because it’s hands free, they didn’t have to add the chlorine themselves. The unit produces chlorine and produces the ozone gas to help sanitize the water as well. It’s like a double whammy on bacteria and algae.

Negative Reviews

Some reviews criticized the fact they had to buy a larger pump. This unit needs to have a pool pump that is rated at 1500 GPH. It will not work with the smaller filter pumps that come with so many smaller Intex pools. Before ordering, check your pump system tobe sure it is the correct size.

If you have a pressure side cleaner, this unit will probably not for you or let me say, the ozone system won’t work because it creates too much back pressure on the unit for the cleaner to work properly.

If you are limited on the space around your pool this system might not fit. Some people mentioned it took up a lot of space. The overall dimensions are 17.9″ x 21.2″ x 13.8″ and weighs about 34 lbs.

One review mentioned it started leaking after a short period. This was something that was repairable though.There were also the standard complaints of a missing part or a faulty unit but this is about par for anything you buy.

Krystal Clear Review For The Intex 56607EG Saltwater System With Ozone Basic Questions

Does this Krystal Clear salt system require a filter pump?

Yes, you will need a pump that has a minimum rating of 1500 GPH. Anything less and this salt system will not work. You will get a low flow light on the control panel and the system will shut off in a few minutes.

Can you use this with your sand filter?

Sure you can. I know the packaging says ozone filter but it isn’t a filter. You should be able to use your existing sand filter, just make sure the pump is strong enough to move 1500 gallons per hour.

How many gallons will this salt and ozone system treat?

You will bea able to effectively treat and sanitize pool’s up to 15,000 gallons.

Is there any kind of maintenance?

Yes, but it is really simple to perform. Periodically you will need to remove the salt cell and clean it by soaking it in vinegar. Sometimes, you will need to remove the flow sensor and make sure it is clean by running water on it or by using a soft bristle brush. You will get specific instructions in the Intex manual that come with the unit.

Can this be used with in ground pool’s?

No, the system is technically made for above ground pools. Although, you might be able to use it on real small inground’s.

Is this unit only made for Intex above ground’s?

No, you have the option of installing on other above ground pool’s. You want to make sure your pool pump is large enough to operate the system. It needs to have have rating of 1500 gallons per hour.

Our conclusion: Would we recommend the Krystal Clear 56607EG saltwater and Ozone system by Intex? We believe this unit represents great value and is a tremendous deal for anyone wanting to cut down on buying expensive chemicals (e.g. chlorine) and want an easier way to maintain their above ground pool.

Click Here to purchase the Krystal Clear saltwater and ozone system at Amazon or to read more in depth customer reviews to make a more informed buying decision.

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8 Responses to Intex 56607EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System And Ozone Filter Review

  1. I am replacing a 24’x 52″ Intex pool due to the rusting of horizontal and vertical frame parts. It was made prior to 2012 and those items are discontinued by Intex. My question is will the saltwater system with ozone filter cause me the same rusting problem ?

    • Discount Pool Supply Staff says:

      Hey Robert, thanks for visiting. Unfortunately yes, you will have the same problem. Saltwater is more corrosive than chlorine.

      I recommend anyone using a salt system to rinse off any metal components around the pool when you’re finished swimming. One more thing, I’ve noticed that we repair/replace more equipment on pools that use salt systems vs. chlorine but homeowners love the fact their pools stay cleaner and are easier to maintain with salt. Spraying things down when you’re finished will help prolong the life of your pool.

      Sorry you probably didn’t get the answer you wanted to hear but I will always give you my honest opinion and share my experiences. After all I’m here to help you. Thanks for visiting and if you like my site and advice, feel free to share!

  2. Samer says:

    Hi, I just wanted to inquire wether the ozone gas in the filter need replacement. Thanks

    • Discount Pool Supply Staff says:

      Hi Samer, I believe you are referring to the corona discharge cell that produces the ozone gas. In certain applications the Corona cell life has been known to exceed ten years so they are very reliable. Hope this helps.

  3. Fi-fi says:

    Hi we are waiting on our pool and salt/ozone system to come in so while waiting we were trying to learn a little on the salt water pools. My question is, we have well water, so no chemicals etc. are in the water we will be filling the pool with so like, algea will start growing in a few hours, so, should we dissolve salt in it while filling or just use some bleach, or shock or what? We will have a sand filter and pump that moves 2800 gph. I would appreciate some insight on what to do, oh yeah the pool we are getting is. A 32′ x 16′ x 52″ (14,364 gallons).
    Thanks so much for your time and God bless.
    Fi-if Thibodaux

    • Discount Pool Supply Staff says:

      Hi Fi-if, First, thanks for visiting. Go ahead and fill the pool and treat with shock or bleach. But I would also balance the water chemistry i.e. ph, alkalinity and water hardness. I know using well water, the water chemistry can be really different and runs higher to treated city water. I would go ahead and balance the water to proper ranges i.e. PH 7.2 – 7.8, alkalinity 80-120 ppm, water hardness 175-300. You can add the salt to your pool and circulate as you normally would. To get and keep chlorine in the water, until your system arrives, you can just add bleach. This is the same type of chlorine the salt system will produce.
      Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, ask away! Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!

  4. Hi and thanks for the valuable infos provided on this site. I’m looking at building an in-the-ground pool of app 110 cubic metres or 29.000 gallons. The saltwater system discussed looks to be just the solution that I have been looking for – only, the capacity of the system does not match our pool size. Are there any other options you could suggest, or is it possible to run two such systems in parallel?
    Regards from India,

    • Discount Pool Supply Staff says:

      Hi Ashok,
      Thanks for stopping by. The system you are looking at is for aboveground pools. For a pool the size you are talking about you would need a system for made for inground pools. Here’s a link to get a salt system for your pool. Now, you will also need to purchase a pump and filter to operate your pool. While you are checking out the salt system you can search for Hayward Super Pump or Pentair pool pump 1HP. I prefer the Hayward over Pentair because, to me, they are easier to work on and less costly. You will also need a filter. My preference is a sand filter. The Hayward S244T is my go to filter. There are other types of filters i.e. cartridge and D.E. filters but both of these are more costly and would cost more in the long run for repairs and replacement cartridge filters. Hope this helps. Any more questions just ask. Thanks, Chuck

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