The Latest Intex 56635eg 1500-Gallon Filter Pump AC 110 – 120 Volt Reviews

Looking for just the right swimming pool filter pump or an upgrade for your old Intex system? One things for sure, you’ve come to the right place because you’re about to see the latest reviews for the Intex 1500-gallon swimming pool filter pump.

Intex 1500 gallon swimming pool filter pump

Intex 1500 Gallon Filter Pump

You might be surprised this above ground pump and filter system by Intex has been on the market for over 2 years. That means, there’s a lot of feedback for this circulation system, so let’s take a closer look at this filter pump, then we will provide truthful and no-nonsense pros and cons. We want to give you the power to make an educated decision so you can get a more efficient and practical pump and filter system for your Intex above ground pool.

Specs For Intex 56635EG 1500-Gallon Filter Pump

  • 1,500 gallon per hr pump flow rate (without the filter)
  • 1,180 gallon per hr system flow rate (with filter)
  • Automatic timer for handy pool circulation
  • Comes with one “A” cartridge filter
  • 110/120 Volt system with a 25′ cord
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

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Which Intex Pool’s Can Benefit From The Crystal Clear 56635EG 1500-Gallon Filter Pump?

The 56635eg is made for certain Intex Easy Set pools and Ultra Frame pools but not all. The pools listed below will require the Intex hose conversion adaptors to make it fit because this filter pump fittings are 1.5″ and the pools listed below are standard 1.25″. Some people that bought this system were not aware and were upset when they tried to install it. We don’t want you to make the same mistake. This filter pump is welcome upgrade for these on the ground pools.

Easy Set Pools That Require Intex Conversion Adaptors

  • 10′ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 12′ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ round pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ round pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump
  • 18′ x 10′ oval pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump

Intex Metal Frame That Require Intex Coversion Adaptors

  • 10′ x 30″ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 12′ x 30″ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ x 42″ round pool comes with 1000 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ x 48″ round pool comes with 1000 gallon per hr pump

Ultra Frame Pools That Require Intex Conversion Adaptors

    • 12′ x 36″round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump

Intex 1500-Gallon Filter Pump Fits These Intex Above Ground Pools No Adapters Required

  • Easy Set 18′ x 42″ round
  • Easy Set 18′ x 48″ round
  • Easy Set 20′ x 12′ oval
  • Metal Frame 18′ x 48″ round
  • Ultra Frame 16′ x 48″ round
  • Ultra Frame 18′ x 9′ rectangle

Positive Reviews For The Crystal Clear 56635EG 1500-Gallon Pump and Filter

Pool owners that purchased this system did so because they were tired of their pools looking cloudy and having a hard time cleaning the pool. They wanted a more powerful system for keeping their Intex pool clear and the ability to clean the pool with a vacuume. The smaller Intex filter pumps work for circulation but upgrading to a bigger pump definitely has it’s advantages.

One benefit they really liked is the conveinence of a built in timer. No more remembering to go out and turn the system on and off. The pump has plenty of power and makes a difference in how clear the water stays.

Here’s a sample of what a few buyers had to say…

  • “Pretty impressive”
  • “so far so good, really like the timer feature”
  • “Very reasonably priced”

Negative Reviews For The 1500 Gallon Intex Pool Filter Pump

Most complaints were because the pool owners did not know this system has 1.5″ connections and their pools have 1.25″. To help you with this I listed above the pools that will require the adaptors. Small price to pay and a simple fix to have the ability to clean your pool with a more powerful pump.

There were a few people that mentioned the box was missing some parts but this can happen with anything you can buy. Some complaints wer because they didn’t know what come’s in the box but there some that the parts were actually missing. In these cases they contacted the Consumer Service Center at 1-800-234-6839 to resolve the issues.

There were a few people that mention that they thought the pump made too much noise but this was not the consensus.

Watch the short video about the 1500 Gallon Intex pool pump.

If you are ready to order the link is below.

My Crystal Clear Intex 56635eg 1500-Gallon Pool Filter Pump Summary

I have over 25 years experience with swimming pools and I learned over the years that circulation is vital to keeping a pool clean and crystal clear. In my opinion, this filter pump is would be my choice for the smaller Intex pools. If you have been having problems keeping your pool clean because of a smaller pump this filter system is the perfect choice for upgrading or just as a replacement for an old pump.

This system is very user friendly and easy to install. It will really help the circulation system if you would clean your filters regularly and replace as needed or every 2 weeks with the “A” cartridge filter. Cartridges can get clogged up and dirty, reducing the flow rate.

You should get approximately 2,000 hours of operation under normal conditions and should last about 3 swimming seasons. Not a bad return on your investment. Remember for safety reasons, never swim while the pump is running and filtering.

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