Pentair Master Temp Pool and Spa Heater Propane 250000 BTU Review

Pentair Master Temp Digital 250000 BTU

Master Temp 250000 BTU

If you are looking for a fast heating residential swimming pool heater then you might want to consider purchasing the Pentair Digital Master Temp 250,000 BTU heater. You can pre-set your pool and spa temperatures with ease at the touch of button.

This high performance Master Temp heater is top of its class in energy efficiency and built with low NOx emissions to prevent air pollution, therfore making them eco friendly. Who doesn’t want to save on the energy bill while conserving water? Pentair’s Master Temp heaters has been recognized as an Eco Select brand because it is an enviromentally green product.

This heater doesn’t use a pilot light, but instead uses a hot surface ignition to light the heater saving on fuel cost.

Master Temp 250,000 Propane Heater Features

  • Efficiently mixes the air and gas for faster heating
  • Manual shut off valve for quick servicing
  • Easy to read display that rotates through functions
  • Small compact design to fit in smaller areas
  • Better than industry standards for low NOx emisions
  • Built in pressure switch to prevent overheating
  • High limit switches to prevent water from getting to hot

Pentair 250,000 BTU propane Master Temp Digital pool heater recieves very positive reviews and I also give it my thumbs up for being a high efficiency propane gas heater. Pentair builds them to last and not corrode as it stands up extreme weather conditions.

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