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An automatic pool cleaner is a vacuum cleaner designed to collect dirt, debris and sediment from a swimming pools floor and walls without much help or supervision from the homeowner.  There are several types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners. Some are powered by suction from a pump, some can be pressure side while others are electric.

What Is The Best Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

Watch this short video below to learn about the various pool cleaners 

Personally, I agree with everything in the video, except the last review on the electric pool cleaners. I believe these cleaners are superior to other type’s of automatic cleaners and well worth the investment. My favorite is the Dolphin and here’s why.

I have been around pools for over 25 years and have seen the various cleaners operate in the real world. Now, we have a pool that eats pool cleaners. Grant it, this pool is not your average in ground pool. It has several water features and is a free form gunite pool. The only cleaner that held up to the test of time was the Dolphin electric cleaner.

Since then, we have other customers tell us how much they love their automatic electric cleaner and wish they had bought one a long time ago. That is why I believe in them. Sure, you have to clean out the bag, but you have to the clean bags and baskets for the other systems too.

When it comes time to replace parts, this Dolphin cleaner didn’t need any repairs for over 5 years. This pool runs 365 days a year, but the cleaner only ran once a week but stayed in the pool the whole time.  This was in a salt pool, too. We all know how corrosive salt can be.

So, this is why I’m a believer in electric pool cleaners. If you can afford one, I do recommend them.

If you were to look at the statistics closely you will see there are literally combined over 7 million in ground and above ground pools in the United States alone. With that large number of pools, chances are, you are a pool owner too. Are you tired of cleaning it manually? Have you ever thought; there has got to be a better way? Well there is and we have automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners.

I’m sure you can think of many benefits to owning an automatic cleaner. I’m going to discuss with you the many different auto pool cleaners and the various ways they function in your pool. Just like everything else, they come in all shapes, sizes, makes and models. They are all made for one fuction and that is to free up your time and clean your pool of dirt and debris.

There are 3 basic types of automatic cleaners. They can be a suction side cleaner, meaning they operate from some sort of suction pump. This can be your swimming pool pump that’s already in use. Or they can be a pressure side cleaner which in some cases would need a booster pump added into the existing system. Some pressure side in ground and above ground automatic pool cleaners don’t require a booster pump. Keep reading to find out which one’s.

The third type of cleaner and my favorite, are the electric pool cleaners. You don’t need to freak out because they’re electric. These cleaners work on low voltage current and doing an amazing job of keeping your pool clean. They can literally run circles around the other type of cleaners.

Let’s take a closer look at each one to see which type of auto cleaner is going to work for you the best.

Suction Side Vacuum Cleaners Pros and Cons

Automatic vacuum cleaners that require suction works in the same fashion as manually vacuuming your pool. They will also utilize your existing pool pump for the necessary suction needed to operate the automatic cleaner. With this type of cleaner, everything it picks up goes through the plumbing lines and the larger debris is caught in the pump basket. The smaller particles and dirt is then sent to be cleaned by the filter. Eventually the filter will need to be cleaned according to the directions for that type of filter.


No additional pump needed. This would include a few of the Hayward pool cleaners, the Barracuda and Creepy Crawly pool cleaners. There are more that also use the existing pool pump. The cost is fairly inexpensive as comparied to other automatic cleaners. Some people believe the Hayward Diver Dave is the best automatic vacuum cleaner for above-ground pools for about $193. Many in-ground pool owners believe the Kreepy Krauly for about $598 is the best pool cleaner for them. The Polaris ATV certainly should be looked at when choosing an automatic vacuum.


The suction cleaners for above ground pools with a floor that has lots of dimples from excessive settling or deep footsprints, they will have a hard time navigating the floor and cleaning it. I have found the Polaris 65 pressure side cleaner works better in this case and overall works great anyway. With suction side cleaners without a leaf canister inserted into the line before the skimmer all debris will be going through your plumbing lines. It is a great idea to remove the large debris, sticks, nuts or anything else to prevent clogging of the lines.

Pressure Side Automatic Vacuum Cleaners Pros And Cons

Some of the best pool cleaners are the pressure side cleaners like the Polaris 28o, 360 and the 380 pool cleaners. They operate from a seperate booster pump which is plumbed into the regular swimming pool system. There is a dedicted line in the wall if the pool feeding the automatic cleaner. It uses the water to move the parts inside to propel the cleaner and using the high pressure to lift the dirt and debris off the floor and into a filter bag. These can be a sand and silt bag for fine debris or a leaf bag for larger debris. I prefer the sand and silt or all purpose bag because it will filter out smaller particles.


It great for removing debris because it captures it in the all purpose bag so it never gets to your plumbing lines, pump basket or the filter. Without this extra debris going through the system it will prolong the life of the other working componants (pump and filter). The cleaners mentioned will vacuum, sweep and scrub the whole pool, even the walls.


It does require a seperate booster pump and a dedicated line. So if you have an existing pool that is already plumped for a pressure cleaner great. Otherwise if it is not plumbed already it would be quit expensive to have this done so it is better to choose one of the other types of automatic vacuums. The filter bag needs to be removed and cleaned periodically. It’s not that big of a deal to remove and rinse it off.

Electric Robotic Pool Cleaners Pros and Cons

A robotic pool cleaner runs on low voltage electricity and in my opinon, will run circles around most automatic vacuum cleaners. I’ve had people tell me they wish they had bought one of these cleaners a long time ago. They are definitely worth the investment.

They have a filter bag onboard that collects all the debris and will need to be cleaned after it has run’s through its cycle. Maybe more, it depends on how dirty the pool was to begin with. One of my favorite’s is the Dolphin pool cleaner and the Aquabot cleaners. I have used both and was impressed with either one. Although, I believe the Dolphin pool cleaners had less issues over a period of 5 years.


Will clean a pool in a shorter amount of time. Saves on chemicals and less costly to run then most cleaners. It scrubs and vacuums at the same time. If your pool filtration system goes down for any reason, the robotic pool cleaners can circulate the pool and filter it to keepit clean and clear until the system get fixed. Large special filtration bags to filters as good if not better than the filter on some pools.


Cleaner must be removed from the pool and opened up to clean the filtration bag. Some units can be more expensive but, in my opinion and thousands of others, they are worth every penny.

It doesn’t matter if you want to save time or just want a better way to clean your pool, you can’t go wrong with an auto cleaner. You are probably cleaning your pool manually and know that it can take some time on a weekly basis. You can certainly make better use of your time if you had one of these vacuums.

Why hire a pool tech to clean your pool when all you need is an automatic cleaner? It will save you time and money in the long run. Just think of all the other things you can be doing. Like enjoying your pool instead of it demanding a lot of your time.

I hope my automatic pool cleaner reviews have helped you with your decision one which one to purchase. If you need anymore help just get in touch with us and we will be glad to help. There’s not a better time to choose the best automatic swimming pool cleaner for your needs this season.

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