Pool Heaters And Heat Pumps


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The Value Of Swimming Pool Heaters

If you live in a climate with not a lot of hot summer days and you would like to increase the pool season then insatalling a swimming pool heater can be the answer. When you open your pool in the early spring the water as you are well aware of, is really cold and in the fall, the water starts cooling down with the cool fall temperatures. If you don’t want to wait for the slow warm up and swim later in the season, a pool heater is a must.

The pool heater will allow you to control the temperature at a comfortable setting for getting wet and swimming activities. Some people prefer temps in the upper 70’s to low 80’s. If you want it a little warmer it is easy to adjust the settings.

Here’s a big tip…

If you use a solar blanket in conjuction with a heater, you will use gas and save some money. Put the solar blanket on the pool at night and cooler days to keep from loosing heat out of the top of the pool. It really works and is well worth the few dollars a solar blanket costs.

During the summer, the pool water gets warm for a short amount of time. Some pools will get warmer than others. For instance, a vinyl pool will warm up quicker and be a little warmer than concrete pools. If the liner is darker or the floor of the pool is dark, the water tends to be warmer. In some areas of the country, you can add many months of swimming by using a pool heater.

The choices of heaters and what they use to heat with are very few. The most common and least expensive to purchase are the ones that use Natural or LP gas. Oil is another and is not as common. Another option is for an electric heater but these are more for spas or smaller pools. They are not very cost effective for larger pools.

Swimming pool heaters are very beneficial in certain climate conditions but there are heater hazards many pool owners aren’t aware of. Proper installation is a must and all codes and regulations should be followed

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Lately the heat pumps have hit the market and are very efficient to operate. The only thing is, they are more costly upfront but cost less to operate than a gas heater. Heat pumps also are slower at raising the pool temperature but more consistant. The heat pumps are not as efficient in cooler temperatures.

Solar power heating is another option. This can be more expensive to purchase and to install. You will need to have a good location in mind that is sunny most of the time as the system uses the sun to heat the solar panels used in the system. Depending on where it is set up, you might need to invest into another pump system to handle the water flow. It is easy to get several thousands invested into a solar system.

When it comes to choosing a swimming pool heater, you need to look at all these variables to see what is right for you. It will matter which one you choose as to how much you will spend over time to heat your pool. Certainly the heat pumps cost less to operate but the initial cost is about twice the cost of a gas heater.

Pool heaters are a must have in cooler climates and just to be able to take the chill out of the water should you so desire. You now have a choice between a heater or a heat pump. The standard heater uses propane or natural gas. Smaller heaters for use with a spa can be electric. Heat pumps are electric as well and are very energy efficient.  Read more about heat pumps here.

Gas heaters are less expensive to purchase but is certainly more expensive to operate than a heat pump. If this is a new heater installation, you will also have the cost of having a gas line installed for natural gas or a propane tank and lines for a LP gas heater. Whether you choose a gas heater or an electric heat pump, we recommend using it with a solar blanket. It will save you more money in the long run.

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