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A swimming pool pump is a vital piece of equipment for your pool. Its primary function is to move the water and aids in keeping it from turning into a swamp. It works in tandem with the pool filter to maintain crystal clear water that everyone wants to swim in.

A pump pulls water from the skimmer and main drain or possibly another suction line in the pool. It sends the water through the filter system to collect dirt and debris. All filters need to be cleaned periodically as per manufactures instructions.

Most pool pumps in the industry are a single speed. Pumps also can be dual speed. Now, with the industry catching up with technology, you can purchase energy efficient models.

DiscountPoolSuppliesNow offers many of the trusted brands in the swimming pool industry. This would include Pentair, Jandy, Hayward, Sta-Rite, Intex and a few more. You will be able to compare all the major brands and purchase online the right one for your pool needs.

Maybe it’s time to replace that old worn out pump because it is no longer running efficiently or not running at all. There are many different kinds of pumps but one that is well worth the investment  are the energy efficient pool pumps. You’re pool is a major investment and you just can’t afford not to take care of it properly.

The alternative would cost you so much more. It’s like preventative maintenance. So when the old pump is on its last leg and starting to make a lot of noise it’s certainly time for action. You can either replace the whole pump or just the motor. The other option would be to have the motor reworked and the bearing replaced.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an in-ground or an above ground pool pump, we have what you are searching for and will show you where you can get the best deals. First, you need to know the horsepower of your old pump.

There are some factors to consider when choosing the right size pump. Too small of a pump and you will not have the circulation or the suction needed for cleaning but too large of a pump can cause issues with the filtration system as well.

If you are replacing an old pump, it would be best to go back with the same pump. This is to insure the plumbing will match up the best. Otherwise, you might have to replumb the system for a different brand.

Here’s a good video on how to install a pool pump

What Hayward Says About Their Pumps

From variable-speed, to waterfall and pool booster pumps, Hayward’s pump line is engineered for performance, efficiency and dependability. Widely recognized as the industry front runner, we have created a line of high-performance and medium-head pumps that lead the way in energy efficiency. Our UL® and NSF® rated pumps come with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, efficient operation. All of these have been engineered for top performance in the most demanding installations of today, setting a new standard of excellence for spa, waterfall, and swimming pool pumps.

Learn more here http://www.hayward-pool.com/ctg/In-Ground-Pool-Pumps_10201_10551_-1_14002_I.htm

The Hayward Super Pump is one model that is very reliable for in ground pools and spas. It comes with a see through lid that is easily removed. Allows for access to the large basket and cleaning a breeze.

What Pentair Says About Their Pumps

Pentair also owns the Challenger and Sta-Rite pumps.

THE HEART OF YOUR POOL’S CIRCULATION SYSTEM Our pumps incorporate innovative hydraulic engineering, refined over nearly 50 years, to circulate water more efficiently and quietly than competitive pumps. And, we’ve designed them with convenience features that make routine maintenance easy and fast. We offer the latest in breakthrough efficiency; variable speed/drive pumps; as well as aboveground and inground circulation/filtration, specialty, utility, drainage, service, and spa and bath pumps. So we are sure to have the pump right for your pool, pool/spa combination, water feature, and pressure-side automatic cleaner. All have met rigorous tests for certification.

Learn more here http://www.pentairpool.com/sections/pumps-42.htm

What Intex Says About Their Cartridge Filter Pumps

Intex’s line of cartridge filter pumps provide excellent water filtration and are incredibly easy to use – just hook-up hoses and plug in. The results will be faster water circulation, improved filtration, and best of all – a superior swim experience!

Learn more here http://www.intexcorp.com/index.php/home/above-ground-pools/agp-accessories/cartridge-filter-pumps/56635e.html

If you have any questions, we are here should you need help choosing a swimming pool pump.

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