Best Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

Best Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

The large 3 inch tablets are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools. The 3″ tablets are the most popular chlorine tabs used to help maintain clear sparkling pool water. It’s the primary chemical for keeping your pool water sanitized.

They are approximately 1″ thick to allow the them to dissolve at a slower rate and last longer. The chlorine pucks fit perfectly in the floating chlorinators also the off-line and in-line automatic feeders.

best chlorine tablets for swimming pools

Get The Best Deal On Cheap Chlorine Tablets Without Sacrificing Quality

The chlorine comes in various size containers but the 50-pound bucket of three-inch tablets is going to be your best buy. One thing’s for sure, your pool will need the tablets and most brands wrap each individual tablet to keep the fumes down and water out. Most brands are equal but the cheapest chlorine tablets for pools is not always the best. They will have more paste and the quicker they will dissolve and turn to mush.

So, it pay’s to get a good brand of tablets. A few we would recommend are the In The Swim chlorine tablets and Nava brand. Leslie’s offers a really good tablet too. There’re are other brands in the marketplace that are just as good.

One thing to remember, chlorine tablets is an oxidizer and have acid in them, so you want to be careful where you store them. If you keep them in your garage they will probably rust some of your metal objects over time. Even being kept in the bucket. You can store the chemicals outside and there’s no problem with water getting in the container if you have the lid on tight.

Best Place To Put Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools

One of the most common places to put the Trichlor 3 inch tablets is in a floater. The floating chlorinator goes in your pool and floats around dispersing the pool chlorine.

You may be asking, how many tabs should you put in the floater each week?

Well, it depends on a few things, how warm is the water, the amount of gallons in the pool, the bather load, the cyanuric acid levels (stabilizer/conditioner). As a general rule of thumb, one to two tablets per 10,000 gallons of water. For large pools just fill it up with more than you think you would need because you would like some left over at the end of the week when you check the floater. You don’t want to run out of chlorine and let the free chlorine levels drop because the pool will begin to develop algae.

floating chlorinator


The tablets are corrosive and have an acid in them, so overtime, they will eat through the chlorinator. If you look at the bottom of the floating chlorinator you will see that you can adjust the amount of chlorine that is allowed to disperse in the pool. Most floaters have an adjustment like this or has holes in it so you can control the amount of pool chlorine dissolving in the pool.

If you need a new floating chlorinator or replace your existing one Click Here for a variety to choose from

If you have a large pool (20,000-25,000 gallons) put several tablets in the floater. It should keep a residual of chlorine in the pool. It’s very important that the lid locks into place on your chlorinator. If your lid is no longer locks in place you will want to replace it right away.

You need to know how to maintain your pool properly, so don’t let any tabs sit on the bottom of the pool for any length of time. If just one tablet was accidentally allowed to sit on the bottom of the pool, it would leave a real nasty stain on the pool surface. Because the tablets are highly corrosive it’ll actually stain the plaster or bleach out a spot in a vinyl lined pool.

Swimming pool care involves a lot of things. One thing you don’t want to do is use your skimmer as a chlorinator. The tablets are highly corrosive and have acid in them. What will happen when the pool turns off – the chlorine and acid levels from the tablets build up in this small area. So, when you turn the system on that high concentration of chlorine gets sucked through your equipment and overtime it could cause corrosion in your pools circulation system. There are metal components inside the pump and in some filter systems. They will be effected overtime resulting in repair and replacement costs.

One thing to watch when using a floating chlorinator, make sure the chlorine dispenser doesn’t sit on your steps, get stuck at the skimmer or sits in one corner and never moves around the pools  surface because it will stain, erode the pools plaster or bleach out a vinyl lined pool. If it does, you might look at installing an in-line or off-line chlorinator.

The trichlor tablets have acid in them so your pH will tend to drift to the low end of the pH scale. Since the tablets release acid as they melt if you have a vinyl or fiberglass pool you will definitely want to watch the pH levels. To keep your pH from bouncing around, first get your total alkalinity in the correct range (80-120 ppm). This will help balance the pH and keep it from drifting.

If the pH is above 7, the water is basic; if it is below 7 the water is acid. The optimum pH for pool water is 7.4, since this is the same as the pH in human eyes and mucous membranes. A pH of 7.4 also gives good chlorine disinfection.

The best chlorinators for the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools

Another way to properly maintain chlorine in a pool is to add the 3″ tablets into an off-line or in-line chlorinator. The three inch tablets fit perfect in the Rainbow automatic chlorinators.

It’s the most efficient way to actually get the tablets to dissolve and to distribute the chlorine more effectively in your pool. If you add the tablets on a regular basis and check the chlorinator at least once a week you should be able to maintain a chlorine residual in the pool.

The trichlor tablets melt really slow in this type of chlorinator and the amount being disbursed is easily adjusted from the flow control valve on the side of the unit. After putting tablets into a chlorine feeder, I like to get all the air out of the canister.

To do this, with the cap still off turn the pump on, open the adjustment valve to allow water to flow into the canister. Let it fill to the top and then close the flow control valve. Put the lid back on and adjust the valve to your normal setting.

During the fall months when the water cools down it doesn’t take much chlorine to maintain the proper chlorine levels (2.0-4.0) in a pool. It takes more chlorine during the summer months when the water is warmer and the sun is beating down on your pool.

It really helps to maintain a good level of stabilizer aka conditioner in the pool (30-50 ppm) to make sure the chlorine is not being depleted by the intense sun. This is why you should run your system during the hotter daytime hours.

The trichlor tablets have stabilizer in them so you won’t need to add a lot of conditioner to your pool. Be sure to have a test kit that will measure all the elements needed to maintain your pool or bring a water sample to a reputable pool store to have it properly tested.

If your pool runs year round you will need to add various chemicals periodically to maintain proper water chemistry. This is just good swimming pool care. The water chemistry changes all the time because of the weather, bather load and surrounding conditions.

Swimming pool care should not be taken lightly. It’s very important to properly maintain the water chemistry for the health and safety of everyone that uses the pool. Not only for health reason but also for the longevity of your pool equipment and the pools surface and structure.

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How To Kill Tough Pool Algae Tips and Tricks

Oh No – Green, Yellow and Black Pool Algae!

The three main types of algae you have to kill in a swimming pool is green, yellow-mustard and black algae. The easiest algae to kill is the green algae. The next hardest is the yellow or what we call mustard algae. Black algae is the most difficult to kill because it can embed itself into the pool surface and it forms a hard crust like shell over the top of it. I have seen where black algae can actually grow through a vinyl liner. I know it’s hard to believe, but it can. This can make the job of any homeowner or pool service professional challenging.

It’s time for another swimming season with the warmer temperatures so it’s time to start opening up the pools that have been winterized. The longer you wait to open and the warmer it gets, the better your chances of dealing with algae and the high cost of killing and removing it. If you have been keeping chlorine in your pool all winter it should not be much of a problem but the longer you wait to open the worse the algae can get.

Here are a few tips for identifying and eradicating pool algae.

How To Kill Green Algae

The most common form of algae found in swimming pools is green algae. It is the type of algae that can suspend itself in the pool water making it look like a farm pond. It can also attach itself to the floor and walls of the pool. Green algae can grow and spread quickly if not properly sanitized and is a result of poor pool circulation. Problems with pool water usually starts with the water looking cloudy. This is the time to test your water with a professional test kit or bring a water sample into a pool company to be tested.

pool with green algaeGreen algae spores can be found during sunny and warm water climate and especially when there is a lack of chlorine. It’s very easy to cross contaminate pools with swim suites and toys and games that have been exposed to algae from lakes and rivers then brought into a residential or commercial pool. Pool professionals know how easy it is to transfer algae from one pool to another and know to clean their nets, brushes, hoses and poles before cleaning the next pool.

The best way to kill green algae is to introduce high doses of chlorine shock into the pool which is called shocking the pool. Raising the chlorine level to 8 to 10 parts per million instead of the normal 1 to 3 parts per million that is needed to maintain proper chlorine levels. The process of killing green algae can be accelerated by adding a strong 60% algaecide. Before treating the pool with shock or algaecide it is recommended to vacuum the algae out and then brush the pool. This way you’re only having to treat and kill a smaller amount of algae. Be sure to clean out the filter by either backwashing the system, recharging the (D.E.) filter or cleaning the cartridge filter.

If the pool water is properly balanced and the phosphates levels are at a minimum (less then 200 ppb), it’s rare for algae to form and grow in your pool.

How To Kill Black Algae

Black alage is easily identified because it will appear on the pool plaster as black dots. If your pool is heavily pitted or etched this is a great place for black algae to start growing. The water circulation is not that great in these areas thereby making these places prime real estate for black algae to grow.

Gunite or concrete pools have the most issues with black algae but I personally have seen black algae grow through vinyl liners. In this case it is extremely hard to rid the pool of this type of algae. Usually this liner has to be replaced and the surface will need to be dried out and treated with liquid chlorine.

Black algae can be brought into a pool by dust that is blown in by winds and storms and is more prevalent in dry rural areas where there’s lots of farm animals and agriculture. If .your pool surface is deteriorated, rough and has cracks you have a better chance of getting black algae wanting to to grow in your pool. More common places to see this type of algae is around the light, ladder rails and broken tile.

If black algae is present, you will want to begin treatment immediately because the larger the spots appear the deeper the algae is embedded into the plaster. This makes it a lot harder to kill it off. Because of the hard crust or coating of the black spots, a stainless steel brush is needed to remove the hard surface covering the algae. This coating helps the algae to be more resistant to chemicals that are trying to kill it.

It will take several times brushing to start having an effect on the black algae. It should be a daily routine followed by chemical treatments to rid your pool of this problem. Depending on how bad the black algae has become, you might not be able to get rid of the algae altogether through the remainder of the swim season.

After you have vigorously brushed the algae, it is now time to chemically treat the pool to help rid the pool of this monster problem. It is recommended to use granular trichlor for the flat surfaces along with a copper based algaecide that is for the sides of the pool. It will also help with the algae that has formed on the floors and corners. Try using the trichlor (granular chlorine) first. If you can concentrate the trichlor on the spots will be best. The way to do this is turn off the pool and let it set for an hour or two. Then pour or spread the trichlor onto the spots. If it can sit on the algae spots long enough it will kill of the algae.

For black alge on the walls you will need to use the copper based algaecide for it removal along with daily brushing with the stainless steel brush. Slowly over time the algae will be killed of but not without some elbow grease (brushing). Be aware that if you have metal in the pool water to begin with using the copper algaecide at high dosage can stain the pool walls and floors. The use of a metal control is recommended to be used along with the copper algaecide. The metal control product also helps in softening the crust layer of the black algae allowing for the chemicals to have a better effect on killing it off.

Keep in mind that whatever spots that come off should be removed by vacuuming them to the filter to be cleaned out. Be sure to backwash or clean the cartridge filters when done to prohibit the algae from being able to re-enter the pool. To keep any algae under control be sure to keep the phosphate levels to under 200 ppb. Think of phosphates as food for the algae to grow because it is.

How To Kill Yellow Mustard Algae

Yellow mustard algae can be tricky to diagnose because it can appear to be what looks like pollen or it can make the pool look dirty. It is often mistaken for green algae because when you mix the colors yellow and blue you get green. So, the yellow algae in a blue pool can appear to be green in color.

When trying to figure out if you have yellow algae or not, you need to determine if the pool water is cloudy or not. If it’s not, then more than likely it’s not green algae. Green algae will make the water look murky and cloudy. If you brush the walls and it comes off and then comes right back in a few days then it’s not dirt or pollen. Dirt and pollen will settle to the floor and not get stuck on the walls of the pool. You have yellow/mustard algae it it comes back in a few days after brushing the walls and the water is not cloudy.

It really doesn’t make sense but yellow mustard algae can grow in a perfectly balanced pool and it’s more common in the warmer climates in the southern states. Keep in mind that it can still show up in the Midwest and North Eastern states. Pools can also be cross contaminated by using pool equipment from a pool that has algae and then used to clean another pool that is algae free.

It is recommended to use Sodium Bromide to kill off the yellow/mustard algae but is only good for one time. It can come back again whenever it rains. It’s a good idea to have the phosphates checked to determine if they are high (200+ ppb). If phosphates are high then use a phosphate remover after the algae has been removed from the pool. Be aware that phosphate removers can cause cloudy water but should clear up after a few days.

Swimming pools offer many benefits but can be a real pain the butt if you’re constantly fighting algae. You should have your phosphates checked regularly and when the levels are more than 200 ppb get them under control with a phosphate remover. This will prevent many algae blooms because it eliminates the food supply that algae needs in order to survive and grow.

Maintain your pool with proper water balance and brush, vacuum and clean the baskets and filters regularly. You should run the pool equipment at least 8-10 hours a day during the summer months. Being proactive is always better than trying to catch up with water treatments and can cost less in the long run.

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The Latest Intex 56635eg 1500-Gallon Filter Pump AC 110 – 120 Volt Reviews

Looking for just the right swimming pool filter pump or an upgrade for your old Intex system? One things for sure, you’ve come to the right place because you’re about to see the latest reviews for the Intex 1500-gallon swimming pool filter pump.

Intex 1500 gallon swimming pool filter pump

Intex 1500 Gallon Filter Pump

You might be surprised this above ground pump and filter system by Intex has been on the market for over 2 years. That means, there’s a lot of feedback for this circulation system, so let’s take a closer look at this filter pump, then we will provide truthful and no-nonsense pros and cons. We want to give you the power to make an educated decision so you can get a more efficient and practical pump and filter system for your Intex above ground pool.

Specs For Intex 56635EG 1500-Gallon Filter Pump

  • 1,500 gallon per hr pump flow rate (without the filter)
  • 1,180 gallon per hr system flow rate (with filter)
  • Automatic timer for handy pool circulation
  • Comes with one “A” cartridge filter
  • 110/120 Volt system with a 25′ cord
  • Comes with 1 year warranty

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Which Intex Pool’s Can Benefit From The Crystal Clear 56635EG 1500-Gallon Filter Pump?

The 56635eg is made for certain Intex Easy Set pools and Ultra Frame pools but not all. The pools listed below will require the Intex hose conversion adaptors to make it fit because this filter pump fittings are 1.5″ and the pools listed below are standard 1.25″. Some people that bought this system were not aware and were upset when they tried to install it. We don’t want you to make the same mistake. This filter pump is welcome upgrade for these on the ground pools.

Easy Set Pools That Require Intex Conversion Adaptors

  • 10′ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 12′ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ round pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ round pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump
  • 18′ x 10′ oval pool comes with 1,000 gallon per hr pump

Intex Metal Frame That Require Intex Coversion Adaptors

  • 10′ x 30″ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 12′ x 30″ round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ x 42″ round pool comes with 1000 gallon per hr pump
  • 15′ x 48″ round pool comes with 1000 gallon per hr pump

Ultra Frame Pools That Require Intex Conversion Adaptors

    • 12′ x 36″round pool comes with 530 gallon per hr pump

Intex 1500-Gallon Filter Pump Fits These Intex Above Ground Pools No Adapters Required

  • Easy Set 18′ x 42″ round
  • Easy Set 18′ x 48″ round
  • Easy Set 20′ x 12′ oval
  • Metal Frame 18′ x 48″ round
  • Ultra Frame 16′ x 48″ round
  • Ultra Frame 18′ x 9′ rectangle

Positive Reviews For The Crystal Clear 56635EG 1500-Gallon Pump and Filter

Pool owners that purchased this system did so because they were tired of their pools looking cloudy and having a hard time cleaning the pool. They wanted a more powerful system for keeping their Intex pool clear and the ability to clean the pool with a vacuume. The smaller Intex filter pumps work for circulation but upgrading to a bigger pump definitely has it’s advantages.

One benefit they really liked is the conveinence of a built in timer. No more remembering to go out and turn the system on and off. The pump has plenty of power and makes a difference in how clear the water stays.

Here’s a sample of what a few buyers had to say…

  • “Pretty impressive”
  • “so far so good, really like the timer feature”
  • “Very reasonably priced”

Negative Reviews For The 1500 Gallon Intex Pool Filter Pump

Most complaints were because the pool owners did not know this system has 1.5″ connections and their pools have 1.25″. To help you with this I listed above the pools that will require the adaptors. Small price to pay and a simple fix to have the ability to clean your pool with a more powerful pump.

There were a few people that mentioned the box was missing some parts but this can happen with anything you can buy. Some complaints wer because they didn’t know what come’s in the box but there some that the parts were actually missing. In these cases they contacted the Consumer Service Center at 1-800-234-6839 to resolve the issues.

There were a few people that mention that they thought the pump made too much noise but this was not the consensus.

Watch the short video about the 1500 Gallon Intex pool pump.

If you are ready to order the link is below.

My Crystal Clear Intex 56635eg 1500-Gallon Pool Filter Pump Summary

I have over 25 years experience with swimming pools and I learned over the years that circulation is vital to keeping a pool clean and crystal clear. In my opinion, this filter pump is would be my choice for the smaller Intex pools. If you have been having problems keeping your pool clean because of a smaller pump this filter system is the perfect choice for upgrading or just as a replacement for an old pump.

This system is very user friendly and easy to install. It will really help the circulation system if you would clean your filters regularly and replace as needed or every 2 weeks with the “A” cartridge filter. Cartridges can get clogged up and dirty, reducing the flow rate.

You should get approximately 2,000 hours of operation under normal conditions and should last about 3 swimming seasons. Not a bad return on your investment. Remember for safety reasons, never swim while the pump is running and filtering.

CLICK HERE to check today’s prices or read more Intex reviews

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How To Calculate The Correct Size Swimming Pool Pump

How important is it for you to have a clear, clean and safe swimming pool water to relax in, exercise or have lots of people over for a pool party? If it matters to you, then you need to keep reading because having the proper size pool pump will make all of this possible. The pool filtration system is a vital componant for maintaining a crystal clear pool.

It is recommended to circulate your pool once a day so the pump and filter can turn over the total gallons of the pool at least one time. In order for your pool system to do this efficiently, you need to have the correct pump for the plumbing being used and a filter that can handle the flow rate.

You don’t want a pump that is too powerful or one that’s undersized because it won’t be able to properly filter your pool. Both of these situations can harm your pump and/or filter.

If you are not sure you are getting the right pool pump, continue reading and by the end of this article you will be able to buy the correct pump with confidence. The first thing you will need to know is how many gallons of water is in your pool.

Here’s a great video to explain the correct sizing of an above ground pool pump.

Step 1 How To Calculate Gallons In A Pool

To figure the gallons in a pool, you will need to take some measurements. It helps if you have a calculator handy. You can use the one on your phone but be careful not to drop it in the water. I have had this happen to me.

Here are the formulas for the various pool shapes.

Square and rectangle pools are Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons

Ovals, Round and Kidney pools are Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons

To figure the average depth you would add the depth of the shallow end to the depth of the deep end and divide by 2. Here’s an example. Say the pool is 8′ at the deep end and 3′ at the shallow end. This would be 8 + 3 = 11 divided by 2 = 5.5

Here is a simple pool calculator if you are having problems.

Step 2 What Is The Minimum Flow Rate For Your Pool?

Now we need to calculate the minimum flow rate to keep your pool clear and filter clean. To do this take the total gallons of your pool and divide by the number of turnover times (usually this is 8 – 10 hours) then divide that number by 60. For example: 20,000 gallons with a turnover rate of 8 hours would be 20,000 Gal. divided by 8 = 2500 divided by 60 = 41 gallons per minute.

Step 3 What Is Your Maximum Flow Rate?

Moat pools are plumbed with 1.5″ or 2″ PVC pipe. The smaller 1.5 pipe will allow up to 42 gallons per minute of flow and the 2″ has a maximum flow rate of 73 gpm. You will want to make sure the plumbing is as big as the suction and discharge ports. They should never be reduced.

Step 4 What is the Maximum Flow Rate Of Your Filter?

Filters are not made for a one size fits all so you want to be careful and not get a pump that will move more water than your filter can handle. You should be able to look at the flow rates on the filter itself or in the owners manual. Pay close attention to these recommended flow rates and not to exceed them.

We have just figured the maximum and the minimum flow rates for your pool. You can now buy the correct pool pump for your system and keep your pool operating properly. This will give you the proper circulation for your pool and will save you in headaches, time and money. It really doesn’t take that much time or effort to be sure you are getting the right swimming pool pump for the size of your pool.

Now that you have the peace of mind knowing how to size your pump, you will also need to perform the proper maintenance for the type of filter you have. Follow the maufacturer’s directions for cleaning and maintaining your pool filter. Keep in mind that this is only part of keeping your pool water clear. You will still need to maintain proper water chemistry. If you do these 2 things, you will enjoy your pool so much more.

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Intex 56607EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System And Ozone Filter Review

Should You Invest In The Krystal Clear 56607EG Saltwater System With Ozone By Intex?

intex 56607eg krystal clear saltwater system and ozone filter

Krystal Clear Saltwater Ozone System

Why is it that some people can have a sparkling clear pool with really no effort at all and don’t have to spend a small fortune every pool season on expensive chlorine products?

It’s probably because they have a not so secret weapon called a salt generator for their pool. If you are looking for an alternative to using granular chlorine or tablets for treating your above ground swimming pool, then keep reading this Intex 56607EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System And Ozone Filter Review.

Intex Krystal Clear Salt Generator and Ozone Filter How It Works

How Intex system produces chlorine and ozone gas

Intex Krystal Clear saltwater/ozone system treats up to 15,000 gallons

Intex Krystal Clear salt generator ozone Specs

*Economical – This Intex Krystal Clear unit when compared to other salt generator systems is very affordable.When you think about how much money you spend every summer to treat your above ground, this unit can pay for itself in the first year depending on the siae of your pool. Having a salt pool is definitely easier to maintain than without one.

*Convenient – It is really easy to install into your existing circulation system with 1 1/2″ connections. This unit will free you up from having to adjust your chlorine levels continuously because it creates its own chlorine. You just need to determine the amount of run time for your size pool.

Here are a few short blurbs from actual customers and what they are saying about the Krystal Clear salt and ozone generator.

  • “Having a pool just got easier”
  • “more economical that salt water system I had before”
  • “does a good job on my 5000 gal.pool.”
  • “Since using a saltwater system, the pool is always very clear and we really don’t miss having to carry chlorine and not forget to add some every day!”
  • “WOW!!!!! Incredible”
  • “Great machine for a great price!”

To read the full reviews CLICK HERE

Let’s take a look at what they liked and disliked the most about this system.

Positive Reviews

Most comment’s were expressing the joy of how much easier it was to maintain a crystal clear pool and not having to buy more chlorine every time they ran out. They also liked it because it’s hands free, they didn’t have to add the chlorine themselves. The unit produces chlorine and produces the ozone gas to help sanitize the water as well. It’s like a double whammy on bacteria and algae.

Negative Reviews

Some reviews criticized the fact they had to buy a larger pump. This unit needs to have a pool pump that is rated at 1500 GPH. It will not work with the smaller filter pumps that come with so many smaller Intex pools. Before ordering, check your pump system tobe sure it is the correct size.

If you have a pressure side cleaner, this unit will probably not for you or let me say, the ozone system won’t work because it creates too much back pressure on the unit for the cleaner to work properly.

If you are limited on the space around your pool this system might not fit. Some people mentioned it took up a lot of space. The overall dimensions are 17.9″ x 21.2″ x 13.8″ and weighs about 34 lbs.

One review mentioned it started leaking after a short period. This was something that was repairable though.There were also the standard complaints of a missing part or a faulty unit but this is about par for anything you buy.

Krystal Clear Review For The Intex 56607EG Saltwater System With Ozone Basic Questions

Does this Krystal Clear salt system require a filter pump?

Yes, you will need a pump that has a minimum rating of 1500 GPH. Anything less and this salt system will not work. You will get a low flow light on the control panel and the system will shut off in a few minutes.

Can you use this with your sand filter?

Sure you can. I know the packaging says ozone filter but it isn’t a filter. You should be able to use your existing sand filter, just make sure the pump is strong enough to move 1500 gallons per hour.

How many gallons will this salt and ozone system treat?

You will bea able to effectively treat and sanitize pool’s up to 15,000 gallons.

Is there any kind of maintenance?

Yes, but it is really simple to perform. Periodically you will need to remove the salt cell and clean it by soaking it in vinegar. Sometimes, you will need to remove the flow sensor and make sure it is clean by running water on it or by using a soft bristle brush. You will get specific instructions in the Intex manual that come with the unit.

Can this be used with in ground pool’s?

No, the system is technically made for above ground pools. Although, you might be able to use it on real small inground’s.

Is this unit only made for Intex above ground’s?

No, you have the option of installing on other above ground pool’s. You want to make sure your pool pump is large enough to operate the system. It needs to have have rating of 1500 gallons per hour.

Our conclusion: Would we recommend the Krystal Clear 56607EG saltwater and Ozone system by Intex? We believe this unit represents great value and is a tremendous deal for anyone wanting to cut down on buying expensive chemicals (e.g. chlorine) and want an easier way to maintain their above ground pool.

Click Here to purchase the Krystal Clear saltwater and ozone system at Amazon or to read more in depth customer reviews to make a more informed buying decision.

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Intex 28661EG/54601EG Krystal Clear Saltwater Filtration System Review

Real Reviews For Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System 54601EG

If you are an above ground pool owner that is tired of dumping expensive chlorine into your pool and feel like there has got to be a better way, then you should look into a salt generator system. We are going to cover in depth the Intex Krystal Clear saltwater filtration system with honest and real consumer reviews for the model 54601EG, 28661EG. This is one of the most popular model’s Intex produces and here’s why…

This system is easy to set up and even easier to maintain your swimming pool water chemistry. After adding the initial salt dosage to your pool, circulate the water like you normally would but leave the salt generator off until the next day, to ensure it is mixed thoroughly. Then turn on the salt system and let it run. It has a built in timer to generate its own chlorine daily, freeing you up from having to add it manually and at a lot cheaper rate.

No more spending money on daily, weekly, monthly chlorine and shock treatment’s. This Intex salt system is so easy to set up to an existing 1 1/2″ plumbing system. If you are going to install this on a 1 1/4″ hose you will need to order Adapter B because it is not included in the box. It is not cost effective for them to include all the adapters for of all types of systems but you won’t have any problems with inch and half plumbing lines.

How Does The Krystal Clear Saltwater System Work?

This Intex saltwater chlorine generator sanitizes the water in two different ways.

1) When pool salt is introduced into the water and it flows over the electrolytic cell covered with titanium, a liquid chlorine is produced. The chlorine naturally kills bacteria and the other contaminants in the water. After it kills the unwanted bacteria it changes back into salt to be recycled all over again. The salt in the pool has a softer effect on your skin and will not leave you dried out like a regular chlorinated pool will.

2) The second part of the Intex saltwater system is the copper ionization capabilities. When water is circulated, the system produces small electrical charged ions. These ions are highly active and an excellent disinfectant that will attack and kill algae a lot quicker than chlorine or any other packaged pool chemicals.

Krystal Clear saltwater system specifications


The Intex saltwater chlorinator specially designed for above ground pools. This system will quickly eliminate bacteria, kill and control algae and oxidize organic materials leaving you with a crystal clear, clean and safe pool to swim in. The pool water will be slightly salty but it is nothing like the salt in the ocean.

The second benefit to this salt system is the built in copper ionizer. Small amounts of cooper in the water is an extremely effective way to get rid of algae and keep it from coming back. The system runs on 110 volts but sends only a small amount of voltage to the copper electrode ,producing the electronically charged ions that are responsible for keeping the pool clear of algae.

Technical Specifications:

  • Runs off 110 volts
  • Built-in GFCI to instantly shut off pump if electrical current comes in contact with water
  • Your pool pump needs to have a flow rate between 700-4000 gph
  • System easily installs into most Intex above ground pump and filter systems
  • Hose attachments included
  • 25’ electrical cord for easy placement
  • Self-cleaning titanium-coated panels
  • Operator can pre-program operating hours
  • System alerts you to problems with operating conditions
  • Locking keypad to ensure previous settings are not changed
  • Easy to read test strips for proper salt adjustments
  • 24 hr built in clock/timer

Package Dimensions: 25 in x 16.9 in x 16.5 in
Package Weight: 22 lbs

Watch a short customer review video for the Intex salt generator designed specifically for above ground pools.

What customers are saying…

“… But for the masses with an above ground pool, even fairly large 21 foot above ground pools (like I have), this is worth it’s weight in GOLD!”

“Keeps pool perfect without having to buy chlorine!”

“worth every penny!”

“Wonderful product!!!!!!!!!”

Click Here to read the full customer reviews


Many people have mentioned about the savings not having to buy anymore chlorine for weekly use or having to shock the pool with excessive amounts of chlorine. This saltwater system for Intex pools will do all of that for you and more. The system is almost maintenance free, you only need to periodically clean the salt cell by using vineger. It’s a very simple process to perform for saving hundreds of dollars a season on chemicals. There are no more burning eyes or feeling all dried out after swimming because the salt leaves your skin smooth. Because the system has a built in copper ionizer you don’t need to buy any more algaecide as well. Many people have reported using very few chemicals compared to using the old way of treating their pools.


There really isn’t any major downside to the Intex 28663eg Krystal clear saltwater system. The main complaint was that the system did not include the Adapter B for the 1 1/4″ plumbing lines. The part is sold separately, so if you order this model be sure to order Adapter B if you have the smaller lines or you will be upset when it comes time to install it. Pools that have 1 1/2 plumbing will be alright.

Some people mentioned they didn’t like having to clean the salt generator but didn’t think it was bad enough to not buy the system because of all the money they were saving and how clean it kept their pool. It is a small price to pay to clean it, don’t you think?

I did read in the installation manual that in some cases this system might interfere with radio or television reception. If this is the case they recommend to relocate any antenna’s, separate the pool equipment from the receiver or plug in the salt system on another outlet that is different from the receiver. I didn’t read one instance where someone was having this issue but it is good to know before hand.

Consumer Ratings

Currently at Amazon the rating is a 3.8 out of 5 stars. This might seem a little low but the reason being, several people only gave it a 1 star because they were upset that it didn’t come with Adapter B for their 1 1/4″ plumbing lines. Most smaller above ground pool systems are the standard 1 1/4″ lines and larger pools need to circulate more water so they need bigger filtration systems with larger plumbing.


We hope you have enjoyed our Intex Krystal clear saltwater system reviews we put together for you. Do we recommend this salt system for above ground pools? We sure do and here’s why… I’m a huge fan of saving money on expensive chemicals such as chlorine and algaecide’s so if I can do that and keep my pool clean and clear I don’t have any problem. Salt systems in general will save you so much time and money and the pools are definitely easier to maintain. No more headaches about worrying if and when your pool is going to clear up or how much more chemicals am I going to have to add to get my pool clear?

Here at DiscountPoolSuppliesNow we believe you should always get the best price and right now, that would be at Amazon. They are very good about keeping their prices competitive so at the time of this review they have over 42% savings with FREE shipping.

Click Here to check out today’s price at Amazon and get a great deal on your Krystal Clear saltwater pool system by Intex.

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How To Balance Swimming Pool Water And How It Saves You Money?

I’m proud of you for taking an interest in balancing your pool water. The key to clean healthy water starts with the proper filtration system, second is water chemistry and getting the water balanced. If your pool has only a few hundred gallons or a massive pool with thousands of gallons, you will still go by the same chemical standards. You will just use more or less chemicals, depending on the amount of gallons in the pool.

You will need to know how many gallons of water is in your pool. If you don’t already know or just want to make sure you are figuring the right amount of gallons for treating your pool. Here is a handy pool volume calculator to assist you because some pools are freeform and they are a little harder to calculate, but with this tool it’s easy.

Hey, there’s no reason to overdose your pool and waste your money. Pool chemicals are not cheap but at least you can find great deals on discount pool chemicals.

Keep in mind there are many variables that can effect the balance of the water. For instance, rains and wind can pick up and carry debris and contaminants and drop them in your pool and change the chemistry almost immediately. Even the amount of people that use your pool can change the chemistry. This is referred to as the bather load. For example, you have a pool party and invited 10 relatives or friends. The pool is perfectly balanced, clean and clear. Everyone is swimming, splashing around and enjoying the pool. The next day you go out and look at your pool. Your once crystal clear pool is so cloudy you can’t see the main drain.

How did this happen?

It is because of the bather load. Contaminants like hair spray, make-up, deodorant, sweat, perspiration, dead skin, hair; all of this plays a part in using up the chlorine and changing the chemical make-up of the pools water.
Each year your pool will create its own demand for various chemicals. One year it might have a higher need for calcium increaser and the next year it might need more alkalinity to keep your water balanced. Another thing, your neighbor’s pool can react totally different to your pool even being exposed to the same outdoor elements.

Here’s our pool tip for you, we recommend you keep a chart or sheet on your pool documenting the various chemical readings and what chemicals you have added each time. After awhile some of the chemical treatments and what you did can be confusing. You forget what you added and when you added it. This is what we do on a regular basis with pools we take care of. It’s a lot easier to keep up and you can develop a history of how your pool acts and reacts to treatments.
Listed below you will find the acceptable levels for balanced swimming pool or spa water. Note difference between a plastered and vinyl pool.

Water Chemistry Chart

What are the effects of unbalanced water?

If low levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness are maintained even for a short period of time, the water will be corrosive and will etch the plaster, vinyl liner pools will get wrinkles, start the corrosion process of any metal in the filtration system and for swimmers, it will cause skin and eye irritation.

Heater are notorious for getting hit hard by the damage of unbalanced water. The heat exchangers are made of copper which is a softer metal so it usually goes first by developing pin hole leaks. The only repair you can do is to replace the heat exchangers. By the time you pay for parts and labor and add a few hundred dollars more, you can have a brand new heater. If you haven’t checked lately, pool heaters are not inexpensive.

Water chemistry can do some strange things. For instance the copper that is being corroding is dissolving into the water and will cause the pool surface and any white goods to stain. If anyone has blonde hair it will probably start to turn green. Pools and hair are two things that should not be green. Unless, green is the actual color of your plaster, liner or if your getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day and want to color your hair.

Unbalanced water can be very expensive in more ways than one. If you have a plastered pool and the calcium level is not maintained properly, the water will pull what it needs from the plaster. Instead of having a smooth finish, the surface will start feeling rough, like sand paper. If anyone but it’s usually children, swim and jump around in the shallow end for any length of time, the rough surface will cause blisters on their feet and sometimes make them bleed.

What if the ranges are kept above normal ranges?

This has a bad effect as well. The water will start to form scale in different areas of the pool. Chlorine does not work as it should, you have problems with cloudy water and it also causes skin and eye irritation.

It is not hard to keep your pool balanced. Most pool companies will test your water and recommend the proper chemicals to treat the water. You can also test the water yourself. It is not hard to do and you can stay on top of it at all times.

Amazon puts a lot of time and money into keeping their prices low. As of today, the price was really attractive. CLICK HERE TO get a professional test kit at Amazon.

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How to Handle Pool Chemicals Properly

At, we want to educate our customers and visitors with the proper handling and treatment of pool and spa chemicals. Here are some very useful pool tips for handling hazardous pool chemicals. Each point is very important and should be followed to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

danger hazardous pool chemicals sign

  1. Before using any pool product please read and follow all label instructions.
  2. Each chemical should have its own clean measuring cup.
  3. When premixing chemicals with water, never add water to the chemical always chemical to water.
  4. Use a clean bucket when mixing chemicals, one that is not contaminated with other chemicals.
  5. Never mix chemicals together before adding to pool.
  6. Never treat a pool with chemicals when people are swimming.
  7. Add only one chemical at a time and allow sufficient time before adding the next.
  8. Some chlorine products are not compatible when mixed. Never mix brands or types together.
  9. Only use the recommended dosage as per label.
  10. Unlabeled chemicals should never be used.
  11. Handle and store all chemicals as per label instructions.
  12. Keep chemicals in a cool, clean and dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  13. Always keep container closed tightly
  14. Do not use empty containers and expose of properly.
  15. After handling chemicals be sure to wash your hands.
  16. Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children.

For more information on this subject you can visit the CDC on preventing injuries


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Hayward SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series 1-Horsepower Pool Pump Reviews

Hayward Power Flo LX swimming pool pump

Hayward Power Flo LX pump

Anyone with an above ground pool would like to have a high performance swimming pool pump that won’t let them down. A pump that when it is running you are not drowned out by the noise of inefficient motor. If you are in the market to replace your old above ground pool pump, then before you buy, you should take a look at the Hayward SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series 1-Horsepower pool pump reviews.

Who should not buy the Hayward Power Flo LX pump?

You should not buy this pump if you own an Intex soft sided above ground pool or any other brand of soft pool. Intex offers an upgrade to the their standard filter pump systems that come with the above ground pool. If you want to upgrade your pump system you should look at the Intex 56673eg 14-inch Krystal Clear sand filter pump. (LINK)

Why should you consider a Hayward Power Flo LX pool pump?

Hayward has been helping pool owners for over 80 years enjoy their swimming pools by taking the worry out of owning a pool by manufacturing pool equipment that is efficient so they require little maintenance to provide years of service, thereby adding value to your investment.

Features and Specifications

Long lasting rust resistent housing all weather
Quiet operation
High performance pump and impeller
Drain plug for easy servicing and winterization
Wet end made from high-strength PermaGlass XL material
1-1/2″ suction and discharge ports
Self lubrication motor bearings and shaft seals
Automatic thermal overload protection

The Power Flo LX pump has received many positive reviews at and is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.

CLICK HERE to find the best price currently available through and right now, you can get free shipping.

The Negative Reviews

Because the SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series is so affordable and easy to install pumps for above grounds, it has received a few negative reviews from customers that expected more out of the product. That is why we are doing this Power Flo LX review, to help pool owners understand this pump and it’s applications.

Some customers were disapointed the pump did not come with an off and on switch. You have to plug in and uplug the pump as needed. If you don’t like having to manually turn on your system, a simple timer can be installed to take care of this problem.

One customer thought the electric pump cord should have longer than the 6′ because their old pump had a 20′ cord. These pool systems should be hard wired, meaning they should have a designated electric line supplying power to the pump. The pump is not ment to be run from a long extension cord. You can burn up your extension cord and much worse, your new pump.

For some people, they thought this pump should have been a dual speed pump. I don’t understand, if that is what they wanted, why didn’t they buy one in the first place? This is a single speed pump. It is a workhorse of a pump and it is ment to move some water and that is what it does.

There were a few of the missing parts and damage during shipment but these things all happen and should not have been a bad mark against this pump.

Positive Reviews

Most of the reviews were saying the same thing and it was mostly positive. One review mentioned this pump having plenty of power to move the 13000 gallons in his pool. There are many reviews talking about how quiet this pump is and how efficient it is.

Some customers bought the pump and then realized the connections were not the same as their old pump. After looking at it and reading some of the other comments, they were able to remove 4 bolts and rotate the housing to get the discharge in the proper location for their system. The discharge BTW is virticale coming out the top of the pump

For one one customer, he was replacing this exact pump only after 15 years of service. That was what several people mentioned was the longevity of this pump.

There is an overwhelming majority thought this pump was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ok, the sliced bread was mine but customers really thought a lot about this pump. They had to because it has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

Bottom line, would we recommend Hayward Power-Flo LX above ground pool pumps to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why. This pump is certainly not the most expensive of the most high tech pool pump but it does get the job done and better than most off brand cheap pumps. Amazon has a great price for a good quality above ground pump. However, if you are loking for a pump that has a built in programable timer and dual speed high energy effiecient pump this is not for you.

With that being said, if you are looking for a steady and reliable name brand pump then you should take a closer look.

CLICK HERE to purchase your discount pool supplies and get a Hayward Power-Flo lx Series pool pump at the best price available throough or read through more of the customer reviews in greater detail so you can be sure this pump is for you.

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Intex 56673eg 14-inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump Reviews

Intex 14-inch Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

If you ever wanted to upgrade your pools filtration system and stop replacing cartridge filters every time you turn around, then you should consider the Intex 56673eg 14-inch Krystal Clear sand filter pump, 110-120 volt with GFCI with a built in timer.

Now that it is time to replace your above ground cartridge filter pump system, you have an opportunity to get a better filtration system. It’s time to reduce energy cost with a pump and filter combination that will actually keep your water clear. Just to let you know, you still need to use chlorine to keep the pool sanitized properly and keep it from getting cloudy.

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump Specs and Features

  • 6 Position control valve – for filtering, backwashing, recirculating, rinsing, draining the pool and a closed function
  • 1/2 HP pump that will pump 1600 gallons per hour
  • Built in timer for 24 hour programming
  • 14 inch filter tank that requires 55 pounds of filter sand
  • Built in GFCI protection
  • Built in safety shut off
  • 2 Year warranty

CLICK HERE to get the best deal on the Intex Krystal Klear pump and filter combination.

Pros and Cons of the Intex 1600 gph Krystal Klear sand filter pool pump

We will start out with the negative Intex 56673eg reviews so you know what you are getting should you choose to purchase this pump and filter system.

The biggest concern was leaking hose fittings for a small number of people. When they installed the system and hooked up the plumbing lines, a small leak was detected. This can be fixed with Teflon tape or Magic Lube on the connections.

Be aware that this is a gravity type application meaning the pump is not self priming. It needs to be installed below water level so the pump will get sufficient water flow. Some people were using this filter for a fountain or fish pond and had to make adjustments to lower the system to get it to work. Once they did, the sand filter pump worked fine.

One person complained about the salt water killing off plants that were exposed to the backwash water. Other people mentioned having salt systems that connected into the plumbing without any problems and didn’t mention having any issues with killing grass or plants. I have backwashed countless saltwater pools and never once did it kill any plant life.

These were the biggest concerns users had but nothing major. There wasn’t anything that couldn’t be solved.

Positive Reviews

The #1 thing people liked about the Krystal Clear sand filter pump was not having to buy, clean or replace anymore cartridge filters. They liked not having to clean the pool filter cartridges every other day especially when starting the pool up after being closed down for the winter.

Buyers also liked that the pump comes with an adapter kit for the various hose connections so they didn’t have to waste time trying to get the right fittings for their pool.

People also like the ease of installation and were up and running in no time at all. Most were impressed with the flow rate of this pump. It can pump up to 1600 gallons per hour and will turn the average above ground water volume over a few times a day.

Some users noticed they can finally run an automatic cleaner now with having the more powerful circulation system.

Here’s a sample taken from real Intex 14” sand filter pump reviews …

“Worth every penny!!!!!!”
“I love it, it keeps the pool water crystal clear and clean”
“Setup was very easy following the instructions.”
“This pump is perfect for our 15 x 48 intex metal frame pool.”
“No more cartridge filters YEAH!”
“So far, it’s remarkable!”
“Anything else is a waist of time”


Would we recommend the Intex Krystal Clear 1600 gph above ground swimming pool sand filter pump 56673eg?

Even though this system is not the most advanced and top of the line filtration systems, we believe it is of great value and for the price you can’t beat it. We are confident in recommending this Intex pool filter pump for anyone wanting to upgrade and get an overall better system than the small circulation systems that come standard with most Intex above ground pools.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Intex model# 56673eg Krystal Clear 14-inch sand filter pump, 110-120 volt system with built in GFCI at the lowest possible price at Amazon or to read more customer reviews in greater detail so you are able to make a better buying decision.

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